Science - Issued Patents

"Detection of Human Tumor Progression and Drug Resistance" - Patent # 5,085,983July 1991
"Use of Certain Nucleotide Analogs to Attenuate Cancer Cell Resistance to DNA Damaging Chemotherapy" Patent # 5,166,140November 1992
"A New Method for Regulating Drug and Radiation Resistance Genes" - Patent # 5,508,558March 1996
"Circumvention of Human Tumor Drug Resistance" Patent # 5,585,363December 1996
"PCR Amplification of m-RNA" Patent # 5,618,702April, 1997
"Ribozyme Cleavage of 5a-Reductase MRNA Patent # 5,880,277March 1999
"Modulation of Drug and Radiation Resistant Genes" Patent # 5,989,908November 1999

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