Science - Awards

[Bullet] Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Fellow (1980-1982)
Scholar (1984-1989)

Dr. Scanlon's research involved extensive training of thirty international Post-Doctoral Fellows in molecular biology and gene therapy. Their research involved developing viral vectors (retro and adeno viruses) for delivery of anti-cancer ribozymes for human tumors.

[Bullet] Paul Martini Foundation Award (1988)

The research for this award involved elucidating the biochemical mechanism for synergistic combination cancer chemotherapy in patients (cisplatin/5-flurouracil), which lead to the optimization of DNA damaging agents with nucleoside analogues (AZT and Gemcitabine). This work was awarded the Paul Martini International Medical Research Prize in Bonn, Germany.

[Bullet] Uppsala University - Sweden (1995)

Prior work had established the utility of anti-oncogene ribozymes to reverse the malignant phenotype of human melanoma and human bladder carcinoma in vivo. This program was presented at the 400th Anniversary of Uppsala University, Sweden where ten invited international speakers discussed their newest medical advances.

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