[Dr. Kevin Scanlon - Industry] [Bullet] Dr. Scanlon has previously served as Vice-President of Cancer Research at Berlex Biosciences, a division of Schering AG in Berlin, Germany from 1996-2000. He was responsible for developing their genomics and gene therapy program; through internal company collaborations between Berlin, Germany; Osaka, Japan and several biotechnology companies. Novel cancer genes were identified and validated for their role as drug target proteins in the pathogenesis of cancer. The potential clinical utility of these genes was demonstrated with in vivo models. These genes have been developed into therapeutic or diagnostic agents with filed patents. The pharmacology and toxicology profiles of three of these agents were characterized for clinical development. This program involved genomics, diagnostics, small molecules and gene therapy projects. Dr. Scanlonís extensive scientific, management and business skills enabled the project milestones and goals to be developed on schedule.

Dr. Scanlon has extensive experience in medical research in academia and industry, as well as management skills for creating, planning, organizing and implementing complex scientific programs with internal and external collaborations by identifying and validating clinical candidates for development with the FDA and the organizationís marketing strategies.

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