[Bullet] ArchPort

Archport Ltd. provides contract production and R&D services (including animal cell fermentation and downstream processing) to the biopharmaceutical / biotechnology industry, specializing in recombinant proteins. The work is performed under 'current Good Manufacturing Practice' (cGMP) conditions at our production facility. Archport's expertise ranges from cell culture and DSP process development, optimization and validation to QA and QC issues in cGMP environments. As well as conducting training/teaching courses in biopharmaceutical production. Archport has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, fully validated in 2001. The clean room suites are designed to allow multi-product projects to take place independently with non-circulated air systems.

[Bullet] Pivotal BioSciences

Pivotal BioSciences, Inc. is an emerging company dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative cancer therapies.

Breakthroughs in the basic understanding of the immune system, combined with powerful new biotechnological tools, have provided the foundation for new, rational, and technologically sophisticated approaches to immunotherapy.

The product candidates developed by Pivotal’s distinguished founders were discovered at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine. Pivotal's strategy is to initiate early-stage clinical trials and then obtain commercialization partners to complete advanced clinical trials, obtain FDA approval, manufacture and market its highly promising drug candidates.

[Bullet] LARTA

We manage one of the nation's largest innovation pipelines. We drive the success of technology companies by connecting them with the right people, partners, and capital. Our commercialization services help governments, universites, and corporations accelerate technology transfer.

[Bullet] Lerner Medical

Lerner Medical Devices, Inc. is focused on the use of light to treat skin disease. Our mission is to develop, manufacture and market devices that utilize advanced HIFOL (High Intensity Fiber Optic Light) optical technology to provide novel phototherapeutic approaches to skin conditions and disease. Our initial product has been cleared by the FDA and will soon enter operational testing with a select group of clinicians who will help develop standard treatment protocols. Our customers are office-based dermatologists and phototherapy treatment centers. Our second market is the patient for whom our adapted BrushMate™ will offer the convenience of self-administered phototherapy. The Company intends to leverage its technology and expertise to develop other products using light for medical applications.

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