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Kevin J. Scanlon is an executive committee member of the Tech Coast Angels (TCA).

The mission of the TCA is to provide opportunities for our members to obtain outstanding financial returns by investing in early-stage technology and life science companies in Southern California and accelerating them to market leadership. TCA members provide seed and early-stage capital in the range of up to $2M, an investment range not generally served by VCs. Since 1997 our members have invested over $52 million in more than 80 Southern California companies, together with $511 million from co-investors. The members are founders, CEO's, venture capitalists and business leaders who have funded and built world-class companies. We mentor and coach, serve on their boards, provide contacts, and assist with team building, strategic planning and fundraising. The TCA is the largest Angel Group in the United States by membership. The members are also valued for their consulting expertise.

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