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Kevin J. Scanlon is an executive committee member of the Pasadena Angels, Inc.

The Pasadena Angels Corporation is a non-profit entity, which provides a forum for companies to develop their business and financing plans. They can get counsel from experienced entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives, skilled professionals from a variety of industries and accredited investors. Pasadena Angels charges such companies no fees of any kind. We provide services to these companies, which it believes, have a solid core management team, significant potential for success, and receptiveness to coaching and the group's inputs. The Pasadena Angels members have strong ties to the local business community and experience, networks and relationships that can contribute to a young company's success. Frequently, Pasadena Angels members come to serve on advisory bodies or boards of directors of companies, which participate in the Angels' review process. This participation facilitates the type of strategic and financial planning required in the initial growth phases of new business ventures.

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